Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt

buff santaThis year on Christmas Eve, Rising CrossFit will be having a scavenger hunt team race for all its members, friends and family.  This event will begin at 10 am sharp at Rising with the selection of the teams (Orange and Blue) and the announcement of the first clue….we have a great workout planned that is for everyone at every level….it will test both your fitness and your Rising knowledge…..Outrageous Christmas flair is encouraged, as are running shoes! You can sign up today on WODIFY.

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November Athletes of the Month: Lauren and Kelly Yelton

Congratulations to Rising’s November co-athletes of the month, Kelly and Lauren Yelton.  This dynamic duo was an obvious choice….Kelly has been making an impressive assault on the leaderboard in both strength and met con numbers while his wife, Lauren, who just happens to be 9 months pregnant, is still crushing workouts left and right.  Get to know this great couple a little bit better by checking out their stories below.kelly and lauren yelton

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October Athlete of the Month: Le Roux Pelser


Congratulations to Rising’s October Athlete of the Month, Le Roux Pelser!  Get to know him and a little bit about his interesting story below.  And for all you endurance running junkies out there….definitely invite him on a run with you….he’d love it! 😉

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September Athlete of the Month: Tanisha Beckley

Congratulations to Rising’s September Athlete of the Month, Tanisha Beckley!  She comes in every day, heads to that back left corner of the room, and gets to work….and it is showing!  She has been posting some impressive numbers lately.  Check out her story below!

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August Athlete of the Month: Silvana Lewis

Congratulations to Rising’s August Athlete of the Month, the one and only Silvana Lewis….although diminutive in stature, this fireball of personality and heart has had quite an impressive month, setting lifting PRs almost every day….most recently she power cleaned 170 lbs with her signature Monica Seles like grunt!  A true embodiment of the CrossFit spirit,  get to know her by checking out her story below!

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Rising CrossFit Games workouts and teams announced

Rising CrossFit Nation: Get hyped!!! This Sunday, July 13, is the first annual Rising CrossFit Games!  The event will begin approximately at 1:30 (exact heat times will be assigned later this week) If you signed up at the box, you have been placed on a team and assigned a team color.  Each team is made up of 3 women and 3 men.  Each team member will compete in all three scored events.  If you can not compete the event as prescribed, there will be a scaling option available for all teams so that everyone can participate in everything: If you are not competing, we would still love for you to come out, sport your favorite team’s color and cheer on your friends!

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June Athlete of the Month: Jason Oberman

Congratulations to Rising athlete Jason Oberman for his well-deserved selection as our  June athlete of the month.  His hard work and consistent attendance at both regular classes and Olympic lifting classes, with a continued focus on improving his technique, has not gone unnoticed.  

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WHEN: Sunday, July 13

WHERE:  Outdoors at Rising CrossFit Ballantyne

WHAT:  Open to all Rising CrossFit members and all levels of CrossFit experience.  This event is all about celebrating our awesome membership family! Participants will be divided into evenly matched, equal teams of between 6-10 people.  Team workouts will be released a week before the competition begins.  All movements will be  familiar and scalable.  Don’t miss this opportunity to compete against your friends and box mates for the title of Fittest Rising Team.  Team names, coordinated uniforms, and excessive team spirit are required!

HOW:  Sign-up sheet will be posted at Rising by Tues, June 24. If you are going to participate, please sign up by Tues, July 1.   Teams will be determined by the coaching staff.  This event is entirely free for members.  Just a way for us to say thank you to you for all your support!






May Athletes of the Month: Fat Boyz Rising

I’m sure you’ve seen them…..they actually jog to the gym.  They are sweating before the warm-up begins.  And then they jog home.  Or bike…or whatever it takes  to achieve their goals.  Who are they?  And why are the working so hard?

Meet the self-proclaimed  “Fat Boyz of Rising”….Tom Riga, David Brewster, Nate Clements, Eric Gibbs, Ben Carson, and most recently, Damione Lewis.  Rising members for several months, these athletes became friends while sweating it out during their daily workouts and ultimately decided they wanted to form a group to provide support and accountability for each other with regard to reaching their individual weight loss goals.

Brewster attacking some OHS

Brewster attacking some OHS

According to Brewster, “I was coming [to Rising]  4-5 days a week and finally got past the point of ‘surviving’ the workouts, but I still weighed more than I wanted to.” “I justified my bad diet by the fact that I was working out 5 days a week.  It was a mindset I developed as a college swimmer and I carried it through to my adult life.”

Enter Coach David Borrelli, who helped create a six week challenge and set some measurable and attainable goals for the group with regard to exercise intensity and a healthy diet.  They set a goal to each lose 2 pounds a week, with weigh-ins every Monday.  They agreed to a physical challenge type penalty for the group if anyone fell short of the goal.  For example, one week, the entire group, including Borrelli, had to complete a 400 yard farmers’ carry with kettle bells after the workout because several members of the group did not meet the 2 pound requirement.

In addition to the penalties, rewards, such as a cash prize and a few rounds of golf for the ultimate winner were thrown into the mix.  But what started out as a six-week commitment to improving their health and supporting each other has now been extended through the summer so that the weight loss, and perhaps more importantly, the camaraderie can continue.

When asked if the group was open to new members, Tom Riga exclaimed, “of course…anyone who is interested is welcome!”  And what’s not to like?  Hard work, support for each other, friendship, clean eating, accountability, and feeling comfortable in your own skin…..sounds pretty darn good to me.  Congratulations to all the present members of the club, as well as any future members, for taking control of their health and working hard to achieve their fitness goals!

Riga catching some air while Dave gets in his ear

Riga catching some air while Dave gets in his ear

April Athlete of the Month: Bruce Marko

Congratulations to Rising’s April Athlete of the Month, Bruce Marko!  A year ago, on April 26, 2013,  Bruce underwent surgical repair of a massive rotator cuff tear. Doctors termed it “massive”  because 3 out of the 4 muscles were torn.  For the remainder of the spring and summer of 2013, Bruce was diligent about his rehab, about improving his mobility, and ultimately, as the shoulder healed, about working on his weaknesses….undoubtedly with the dream of making it to the Games to compete on the world stage in the back of his mind, fueling his progress.

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