May Athletes of the Month: Ruthie Borrelli and Cameron Green

Congratulations to our co-May athletes of the month, Ruthie Borrelli and Cameron Green….These two mamas-to-be, Ruthie for the first time and Cam for the third time, have been crossfitting consistently throughout their pregnancies.  They are both due on the same exact day….in just  a few short weeks!  It has been inspirational to coach them through this time in their lives and to see what their bodies are capable of.  Get to know each of them a little bit more by checking out their stories below.

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April Athlete of the Month: Stefan Nemenz

Congratulations to Rising’s April Athlete of the Month, Stefan Nemenz.  A brave man, Stefan can regularly be found working out in the 9:30 class that is known at times for its, let’s say…. “excess estrogen levels”.  He has learned to keep his head down and even tries on occasion to recruit some of his male friends to help balance out the class.  Despite having some shoulder problems, Stefan comes in every day ready to work hard and his effort has certainly been paying off.  His wife Melissa is currently kicking butt and taking names in our May foundations class and we are excited to have both of them as part of our growing Rising family.  Take some time to get to know Stefan better by checking out his answers below.  

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March Athlete of the Month: Jayme Gordon

Congratulations to Jayme Gordon, Rising’s March Athlete of the Month.  Very humbly and quietly, Jayme put together an incredible CrossFit Open performance this past month, turning in impressive scores on 16.1 and 16.5  and even knocking out multiple rounds of bar muscle-ups on workout 16.3.  An early riser, Jayme can be found sprinting outside in sub 30 degree temperatures at the 5:30 am speed/endurance classes, or swinging on the bars with ease and tackling the daily CrossFit workout with the regular 5:30 am crew.  Get to know a little more about her story by checking out her answers below. 

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Rising February Athlete of the Month: Kelly King

Congratulations to Rising’s February Athlete of the Month, Kelly King! Kelly is fresh off a first place finish as a member of team Green at the Rising Games. She is also one of the most positive, supportive athletes in the gym, so now it is her turn to feel the love and support that she doles out to others on a daily basis!   Get to know a little bit more about her journey by checking out her answers below.  

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Rising Games 3.0 recap

My heart is full after having had the privilege to watch the Rising family assemble en masse this past Saturday to compete, coach, cheer, judge and heckle at the third annual Rising Games.  What started a few years ago (anybody remember the dumpster pull-up hand massacre?) as a friendly little event to help members get to know each other has grown into a beautiful picture of what the Rising community is at its very best.

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January Athlete of the Month: Denise Kiker

Congratulations to Rising’s January Athlete of the Month, Denise Kiker!  If you do not yet know Denise, you need to pop in to an 8:30 or 9:30 am class and meet her….she is one of the most genuine, hard-working, and dedicated athletes in the gym and we are proud to honor her with this month’s AOM award.  Check out a little bit of her story below!

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November Athlete of the Month: Brennan Gaeckle

Congratulations to Rising’s November athlete of the month, Brennan Gaeckle.  Rising’s unofficial swim coach, Brennan has been crossfitting with us since the early days at the Y.  It has been a privilege to watch her improve month after month and year after year!  Get to know a little bit more about her story by checking out her answers below.  

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October Athlete of the Month: Ashleigh Douglas

Congratulations to Ashleigh Douglas for being selected as Rising’s October Athlete of the Month!  Ashleigh has been consistently attending classes and working hard over the past few months and her dedication has not gone unnoticed.  Get to know a little more about her story by checking out her responses below.
Date you started crossfit: August 2013
Day Job: Bartender and student studying to be a Dental Hygienist
Athletic background: Always been a gym rat at the YMCA taking cycle classes, sculpt, and lots of step aerobics. I enjoy running distance versus speed and sneak in one hot yoga class a week for mobility. I also took up kick boxing for awhile.
What made you decide to start crossfit?: I have never liked lifting weights…ever! It is so boring and redundant, so when I saw Michelle Crawford at work one morning I had to ask a co-worker what she did in the gym. The answer was crossfit. I had to be doing it all wrong.  That month I signed up for foundations at the YMCA with Michelle and was determined to take my fitness level higher.

Favorite Crossfit Movement: Backsquat

 Least Favorite Crossfit Movement: Coin toss between med ball cleans and wall walks
What do you love most about crossfit?: I love my second family that has come from being a part of the crossfit community. We have all come together to find fitness and while doing that fulfilled friendships and given back to the community. The positive atmosphere helps fuel my day, which is why I keep coming back.
What comes easily to you in crossfit?: Any type of leg movement or squat
What is your biggest challenge with crossfit?: I have my good days and bad days, but giving up is not an option. I overthink movements and much like school need extra tutoring. Frustrating at times, but it only means once I master it, look out, there will be lots of weight on the bar.  Envisioning my goal helps me keep a realistic pace.

September Athlete of the Month: Lindsay Fagan

Congratulations to Rising’s September Athlete of the Month, Lindsay Fagan.  One of our youngest athletes, Lindsay is perfectly described by William Shakespeare’s famous quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream,

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

Check out her interesting story, including competitive equestrian vaulting, (you should google it, I did) below.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Rising CrossFit

This Thursday, October 1, Rising CrossFit will celebrate it’s 2nd birthday.  While reflecting upon the past two years, I dug through some of my written goals and plans penned during the months preceding Rising’s grand opening.  As some of you know, I am a wannabe writer (read: grammar freak), and I tend to write as I tend to live….emotionally and with a flair for the dramatic every once in a while ;). Preparing to launch Rising proved to be no exception as I am still finding scraps of paper throughout my house with nuggets of inspiration, motivation, and incentive.

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