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February Athlete of the Month: Khristy LaRose

khristy LaroseCongrats to Rising’s February Athlete of the Month, Khristy LaRose! One of the nicest and hardest working athletes in the gym, it was inspiring to take a few moments to catch up with her and hear her story. When I told her she had been selected as the Rising Athlete of the month, she was shocked. Here is her initial reaction in her own words:

“I feel very honored. We all work so hard – I feel like every athlete should be chosen. CrossFit has had a huge impact on my life. I have been through so many highs and lows in the last 8 years. I had breast cancer in 2007 (and all that goes with it – chemo, surgeries, radiation, eyelash loss), we adopted our son, Vincent in 2010 (which is most wonderful gift EVER) and lastly I quit my job in 2013. I didn’t realize how much I defined myself by my career, and frankly felt pretty lost after I quit. CrossFit gave me something to look forward to and aspire to – and that has made all the difference. And of course, getting to spend everyday with coolest little dude on the planet!! Thanks again!!”

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January Athlete of the Month: Kelly Lawler

kel and camDespite only crossfitting for a little over a year, Mrs. Cam Lawler earned herself a spot on Rising’s competitive team with her amazing combination of natural strength and endurance.  She recently teamed up with Rising coaches Rain and Breeze at Wodapalooza 2014 in Miami, FL, and the trio took home a second place overall finish at a major east coast competition!   One of the hardest workers in the gym, Kelly also makes the world’s best chocolate-chip banana bread….ask her about it….it. is. amazing.

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Rising Upcoming Events

Lots of fun stuff coming up at Rising in the next few weeks….check it out!

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Rising Clean Living New Years’ Challenge

With 2013 in our rear view and the promise of 2014 now clearly in our sights, Rising CrossFit proudly presents its first annual “Clean Living Challenge”…..

But, before you beat yourself up for devouring that entire box of Peppermint Bark for breakfast on Christmas morning or for the 27 Parmesan Risotto balls you ate (wait, sorry, did I say that out loud???) for Christmas dinner…let’s be real….for the most part, most of us have been getting after it….we are in the gym 4, 5, sometimes 6 days a week.  We try to eat well, we foam roll, heck, many of us have added mobility classes to our already packed schedules.  We work out on vacation for crying out loud….so….most of us don’t need a total overhaul of our health and fitness regime, but rather just a little tweak and incentive to go that extra mile now that a new year has arrived.

So—to fulfill this need, Rising will kick off its Clean Living Challenge this Saturday, Jan. 11, from 9-11 am during regularly scheduled classes.

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December Athlete of the Month-Patrick Plummer

Congrats to Rising’s December Athlete of the Month, Patrick Plummer!  A recent  graduate from Rising’s first Foundations group, Patrick’s ability to push through tough circumstances and his  amazing mental toughness are inspiring to all of us who have had the honor of working out with him. 

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November Athlete of the Month: Vikesh Patel

Congrats to Rising’s November “Athlete of the Month”, Vikesh, “Pound-for Pound” Patel.  Equipped with a no-quit attitude that would inspire even the most seasoned CrossFit Games competitor, Vik can most frequently be found in our evening classes grinding out whatever has been placed before him.  

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Rising Up to Support our Surrounding Communities

Rising CrossFit Nation:  We are a month and a half  in and things are going great…classes are filling up, people seem to be enjoying the experience, etc….and I am ecstatic about that….but I don’t want to lose sight of one of the primary goals of opening this gym in the first place….which was to create a strong internal community to then go out into the greater community and serve it.  I asked a small group of coaches and members to get together and find some good community projects for us to lend our muscle to.  The first one we will be supporting as a group is Operation Christmas Child.  Please read the information below and consider donating some of your time for this worthy cause.

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Top Ten things I’ve Learned as a Small Business Owner—Month 1

10–Crying in front of contractors makes them work faster

9–Apparently, the urinal is just a suggestion as guys seem to miss the target quite often

8–There are actual men and women that work INSIDE of the bank to help you with your account!  Who knew? (I thought the purpose of the bank structure was to have solid walls to which the ATMs could attach)

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October Athlete of the Month: Michelle Donnelly

Congrats to Rising’s first “Athlete of the Month”,  the amazing Michelle Donnelly….if you haven’t had the pleasure of working out alongside this dynamo, please take some time to get to know her a little better by checking out her crossfit story below.
Editor’s Note:  She wasn’t selected only because she is a loyal NY Yankees fan….but, that did sway the vote in her favor 😉

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