Rising May Athlete of the Month: Kristine Golden

Congrats are in order for Rising’s May athlete of the month, Kristine Golden.  New to Charlotte, this little powerhouse of an athlete has been impressive since this first day she set foot in the gym just a few months ago.  Check out her interesting story below!

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October Athlete of the Month: Katie Caldwell

Congratulations to Rising’s October athlete of the month, Katie Caldwell. Katie joined Rising last year with her mom, Margaret.   Since those first few foundations classes,  Katie has been a regular in our 10:45 and noon classes and she always shows up ready to work hard….even when she tells me she hates the workout.  😉  Get to know a little bit more about her by checking out her story below.  

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August Athlete of the Month: Mike Robinson

Congratulations are in order for Ardrey Kell high school student Mike Robinson as he claims the Rising athlete of the month title for the month of August.  Mike has been consistently attending classes at Rising for over a year and recently stepped up his game this summer.  Get to know a little bit more about this interesting young man by checking out his story below.  

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April Athlete of the Month: Amber Khoury-Blanchette

Congratulations to Rising’s April Athlete of the Month, Amber Khoury-Blanchette! This little dynamo has been a Rising member for less than a year but she has made her presence known in a big way.  You can usually find Amber crushing it in the back left corner of the gym most every day of the week.  Take some time to read her responses below to get to know her story a little bit better.  

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January Athlete of the Month: Kitt Squires

Congratulations are in order for Rising’s first athlete of the month for 2017, Kitt Squires!  Kitt has been very consistent with her attendance over the past few months and you can really see significant improvement in her strength and technique.  Get to know a little bit more about her story by checking out her answers below.  

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September Athlete of the Month: Melissa Morales

Congratulations to Rising’s September Athlete of the Month, Melissa Morales.  Melissa has quietly and consistently been putting in the work day after day and it shows.  Whether she is flying around on the pull-up bar with ease or working diligently to strengthen her legs on a thruster, the effort and determination she brings to everything she does is remarkable.  Get to know her a bit better by checking out her answers below!

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August Athlete of the Month: Greg Roach

Congratulations to Rising’s August Athlete of the Month, Greg Roach.  A Rising regular for a little over a year, Greg is in the gym working hard 5-6 days a week and his persistence and work ethic are certainly starting to pay off!  Get to know him a little bit more by checking out his responses below.  Congrats again Greg!

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Rising July Athlete of the Month: Jake Fehling

Congratulations to Rising’s July athlete of the month, Jake Fehling!  He is a really shy guy and just starting to come out of his shell….so if you see him in the gym…tall guy in the back, USA baseball issued gear, crazy socks, lots of hair….go introduce yourself!  But seriously, all jokes aside, at the beginning of the year, Jake committed himself to working out regularly and eating better….after just a few months, you can definitely see the results and we are really proud of him.  Get to know him a bit better by checking out his answers below.
Date you started crossfit: First off…this is the greatest moment of my life.  Athlete of the Month?!  AOM?!?  I haven’t been this overcome by emotion since last Wednesday when Cal kicked me in the groin. I did Foundations in the fall of 2014, but I didn’t really dive in until January of this year.  I now own Metcons and a Qalo ring, and I drink protein.  What in God’s name is happening to me?
Day job: Executive search consultant, or, as everyone at Rising believes, a blogger.
Athletic background: High school multi-sport stud, turned UNC Ultimate player (I will slap anyone who calls it Frisbee), turned old guy basketball wash-up, turned a homeless man’s version of a terrible CrossFitter.
What made you decide to start crossfit?  As I tell people, imagine living down the street from Michael Jordan.  Imagine he comes down the street and offers to teach you how to play basketball.  Now imagine that person is Michelle Crawford.  And the sport is Crossfit.  And she has a knife.
Favorite crossfit movement:  What’s a CrossFit movement?  I guess it would have to be running, which is probably a lame answer here.  Side note: I’m not good at running.
Least favorite crossfit movement: See: Movements, All.
What do you love most about crossfit? Saturday AM workouts with my wife Page.  I may also have a mancrush on Cam Lawler.
What comes easily to you in crossfit?  Talking.  I am RX+ at delaying the start of workouts.  I also just used RX+ in a sentence.  Bro Level 10 Unlocked.
What is your biggest challenge with crossfit?  Pushups, pullups, burpees.  I am not a small human being, nor am I flexible…or strong.  Anything that involves me having to elevate, swing, kip, butterfly, lower, or in general, move my body weight at all is a serious problem, and in many cases, a non-starter altogether.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go blog about this and pray that Breeze shares it.



October Athlete of the Month: Ashleigh Douglas

Congratulations to Ashleigh Douglas for being selected as Rising’s October Athlete of the Month!  Ashleigh has been consistently attending classes and working hard over the past few months and her dedication has not gone unnoticed.  Get to know a little more about her story by checking out her responses below.
Date you started crossfit: August 2013
Day Job: Bartender and student studying to be a Dental Hygienist
Athletic background: Always been a gym rat at the YMCA taking cycle classes, sculpt, and lots of step aerobics. I enjoy running distance versus speed and sneak in one hot yoga class a week for mobility. I also took up kick boxing for awhile.
What made you decide to start crossfit?: I have never liked lifting weights…ever! It is so boring and redundant, so when I saw Michelle Crawford at work one morning I had to ask a co-worker what she did in the gym. The answer was crossfit. I had to be doing it all wrong.  That month I signed up for foundations at the YMCA with Michelle and was determined to take my fitness level higher.

Favorite Crossfit Movement: Backsquat

 Least Favorite Crossfit Movement: Coin toss between med ball cleans and wall walks
What do you love most about crossfit?: I love my second family that has come from being a part of the crossfit community. We have all come together to find fitness and while doing that fulfilled friendships and given back to the community. The positive atmosphere helps fuel my day, which is why I keep coming back.
What comes easily to you in crossfit?: Any type of leg movement or squat
What is your biggest challenge with crossfit?: I have my good days and bad days, but giving up is not an option. I overthink movements and much like school need extra tutoring. Frustrating at times, but it only means once I master it, look out, there will be lots of weight on the bar.  Envisioning my goal helps me keep a realistic pace.

Happy 2nd Birthday Rising CrossFit

This Thursday, October 1, Rising CrossFit will celebrate it’s 2nd birthday.  While reflecting upon the past two years, I dug through some of my written goals and plans penned during the months preceding Rising’s grand opening.  As some of you know, I am a wannabe writer (read: grammar freak), and I tend to write as I tend to live….emotionally and with a flair for the dramatic every once in a while ;). Preparing to launch Rising proved to be no exception as I am still finding scraps of paper throughout my house with nuggets of inspiration, motivation, and incentive.

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