January Athlete of the Month: Kitt Squires

Congratulations are in order for Rising’s first athlete of the month for 2017, Kitt Squires!  Kitt has been very consistent with her attendance over the past few months and you can really see significant improvement in her strength and technique.  Get to know a little bit more about her story by checking out her answers below.  

Date you started CrossFit? First stepped foot in a CrossFit in November 2015.

Day Job? Day job is CFO of Squires Construction.

Athletic Background? Grew up showjumping horses, then a recreational runner.

What motivated you to begin CrossFit? I started CrossFit to improve overall fitness and prevent running injuries.  It helped that I had a huge crush on my favorite CrossFitter. 😉

Favorite CrossFit exercise? My favorite movement is situps- abmat and GHD.

Least favorite CrossFit exercise? Least favorite are those on the rig- still struggling with pullups, T2B, etc.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit? Love that CrossFit is continuously challenging and never the same.  I get bored easily. 🙂  The complexity of movements and WODs are great mental stimulation for me- this is often the only time I can get my mind to let go of every day stresses.

What comes easiest to you in the gym? Spacial awareness/body awareness probably comes easiest to me from my riding background.

What is your biggest challenge in the gym? Biggest challenge is shoulder mobility and strength.