June Athlete of the Month: Jonathan Silvers

Congratulations to Rising’s June athlete of the month, Jonathan Silvers!  A regular at our evening classes, Jonathan is a hard worker and an extremely interesting guy!  Get to know him a little better by checking out his answers below.

Date you started crossfit: August 2015

Day job: I.T. Engineer at TIAA (fancy way of saying I fix computer stuff)

Athletic background:  I have no athletic background what-so-ever, unless being terrible at golf and curling NewCastle bottles counts.

What made you decide to start crossfit?  I had tried several times to work out on my own, but would always fail. I needed some structure and a schedule to motivate me to stick with it. I had a few co-workers who had transformed themselves through Crossfit and they were what caused me to dive in.

 Favorite crossfit movement:  Deck Squats & Power Snatches.

 Least favorite crossfit movement: Rowing and Double Unders. Maybe someday a light will open from the sky and I will magically be able to do more than 5 in a row.

 What do you love most about crossfit?  I love the fact that it seems more of a community than something that is self-centered. It isn’t that people aren’t working to better themselves, but they also care about others finishing. This (from what I have seen anyway) seems to be the overall attitude I’ve noticed from all the other Crossfit boxes and even the Crossfit Games that I’ve watched. I have recently taken up Obstacle Course Racing, and Crossfit is the perfect training for it. I feel prepared for whatever I am going to come across. Also the feeling after almost passing out and still finishing the WOD is wonderful and brings out my inner Hunter/Gatherer J.

What comes easily to you in crossfit?  Commitment has probably been the easiest thing. I am good about sticking with something and giving it everything I have as long as I can see results and am surrounded by like-minded people.

What is your biggest challenge with crossfit? I would say everything from previous health issues to not being athletic to overcoming the initial nervousness of jumping into something so intense. Basically everything physical has been a challenge, but thankfully the regulars and coaches made me feel at home from day one and that’s the reason I was able to push through, and am now the sexy beast that stands before you!