May Athletes of the Month: Ruthie Borrelli and Cameron Green

Congratulations to our co-May athletes of the month, Ruthie Borrelli and Cameron Green….These two mamas-to-be, Ruthie for the first time and Cam for the third time, have been crossfitting consistently throughout their pregnancies.  They are both due on the same exact day….in just  a few short weeks!  It has been inspirational to coach them through this time in their lives and to see what their bodies are capable of.  Get to know each of them a little bit more by checking out their stories below.

Cameron Green: 

Date you started CrossFit: Fall 2009

Day Job: SAHM, Monday morning endurance coach
Athletic Background: I played soccer, tennis, ran track in high school. I was a collegiate triathlete at JMU and continued with triathlons until 2010
What made you decide to start CrossFit? I tried CF “part-time” to help combat injuries from triathlons and to develop strength to help with my cycling. I did CF part-time for about a year or two until 2010 when the CF I was training at decided to try out for Regionals as a team.I went along with it and became hooked when we made it to the Games (this was back when my 200lb deadlift and 95 clean and jerk were impressive statistics).

Least favorite Crossfit movement: Toes to bar, pull-ups, deadlifts, partner workouts (gasp)
Most favorite Crossfit movement: burpees, lunges, hang power cleans, hand stand push-ups
What do you love the most about CrossFit?: Aside from the people of Rising, I love long workouts that leave me coughing for the rest of the day. I love workouts that I never thought I could RX or RX+ and then finally do(Eva, DT). Whitten and Kalsu are two of my favorite workout (Michelle it’s time for Kalsu).
What comes easily to you in CrossFit: Any workout longer than 15 minutes, or that has moderate weight with running in it (except when I’m pregnant).
What is your biggest challenge with Crossfit: So many hard things!! Trying to be smart about training and modifying movements and volume with my injuries. I’ve gotten better at this in the past few years, but making CF about what I CAN do and not what I can’t do. It requires keeping blinders on and not letting what other athletes do and their progress steal my own worth as an athlete. Working out in weather above 70 and being told by the coaching staff that I have short forearms. (editor’s note…my bad 😉 )