November Athlete of the Month: Brennan Gaeckle

Congratulations to Rising’s November athlete of the month, Brennan Gaeckle.  Rising’s unofficial swim coach, Brennan has been crossfitting with us since the early days at the Y.  It has been a privilege to watch her improve month after month and year after year!  Get to know a little bit more about her story by checking out her answers below.  

Date you started crossfit: Jan 2013

Day job: Financial Analyst for Merck & Co.

Athletic background: Competitive swimmer for 15 years, NCAA Division 1 swimmer at ECU, All-Time Top 10 times at ECU, Conference USA Finalist 2006-2009 season, Junior National Qualifier and High School All-American Swimmer

What made you decide to start crossfit? Being a collegiate athlete I always enjoyed lifting weights. The competitive and team like atmosphere really attracted me to crossfit and made me feel as though I was part of a team again.

Favorite crossfit movement: Clean and Jerk

Least favorite crossfit movement: Overhead squat…really anything with a squat in it!

What do you love most about crossfit? I love the family I have gained over the years. Everyone is so supportive in and out of the gym. I feel as though I have made some lifelong friends at Rising!

 What comes easily to you in crossfit? Everything is challenge and that’s what makes it fun. I have to push myself every day to try and be a better athlete. Sometimes I dread coming in, but I always feel accomplished once we have completed the workout.

What is your biggest challenge with crossfit? BEING TALL! Haha

As I said above, everything in crossfit is a challenge. It’s really up to you how hard you want to push yourself. You will get out what you put in, so it’s up to me to push myself to be the best athlete I possibly can.