October Athlete of the Month: Tripp Cauthen

      Congratulations to Rising’s October Athlete of the Month, Tripp Cauthen!  Tripp is truly one of the most genuinely nice human beings you will ever meet.  He is an encourager to all who step in the gym and Rising is proud to call him one of our own.  My favorite Tripp story occurred shortly after he had a minor surgery.  He was not able to exercise for a week or so, but came into the gym and said, “I am here just so I can breathe the Rising air.”  We sure hope you keep “suiting up and showing up” for a long time to come Tripp….you are one of a kind.  Get to know Tripp a bit more by checking out his answers below.
       1) Date you started CrossFit: April 2012


      2) Athletic Background: I ran track and played football in high school
      3) Day Job:  We sold our fireworks store about 2 years ago so I’m currently a full time stay at home dad!! Anyone hiring? I’m cheap labor!!
      4) What made you decide to start CrossFit? This is where it gets emotional for me. I saw a sign that said “CrossFit Try a Free Class”… I walked in, the girl showed me around and then I left… I had my workout clothes in the truck because I was going to the Y later to “workout”…. I got half way down the road and I turned around and went back. I went through the hardest workout I’d ever done in my life!!! Prior, to walking in that day, I was 264 lbs and really didn’t know what to do.I was spiritually,mentally, and physically in a bad place at the time.It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I have such a debt of gratitude that I owe CrossFit, former and current coaches who give me their time. All I can do is suit up, show up and be there when that new person walks in and let them know they just made arguably the best decision of their life.PS… I’ve still got that sign that said “CrossFit Try a Free Class”
      5) Favorite thing about CrossFit? The friendships and relationships I’ve made at Rising. I’ve become very close with a lot of people at Rising and I love spending time with them and their family and children outside of class. I especially like spending time with them at the lake and hopefully creating lifelong memories.
      6) Least favorite CrossFit movement: Anything overhead!!! Snatch, Overhead Squat!!! Yuck!!!
      7) If you did not spend so much time exercising, you would……Be a lake bum!!!! Pamela Gagnon and I talked about this one time…It would be so easy to do…boat, cold drinks, hangout in your bathing suit all day, wakeboard!!! So thank God for Rising or I would be totally worthless!!!!