Bruce Marko


Year you started Crossfit: Dec. 24th, 2010
Favorite named wod: “JT”
Least favorite named wod: “Murph”
Favorite thing about Crossfit: Always humbling, always different, community.
Least favorite thing about Crossfit: always humbling, always leave thinking I could have/should have done better.
Favorite food: chocolate chip cookies
If I was an animal, I would be a: Penquin – The male gets to keep the egg warm while the female has to travel up to 50 miles during the dead of winter to collect food for the new chick when born.


Bruce attended UCLA and Creighton University where he received his BS in Biology. He then received his Medical degree from the University of Nebraska. Athletics have always been a big part of his life. During high school he participated in football and basketball. Throughout college and medical school racquetball was his main athletic focus and he was a state champion in class A. While living in Florida and after moving to Charlotte, Bruce basically did “old fashioned” weight lifting and cardio on the Elliptical and treadmill. It was not until meeting Michelle (Crawford) that he began participating in Athletic Conditioning classes and ultimately was introduced to CrossFit in late 2010. Since that time he has participated in the Masters division of the Crossfit Open in 2012 and 2013. He is currently coached by Josh Elmore and Michelle Crawford and works out with an elite group of CrossFitters “to constantly push me to my limits” and hopes to make the Crossfit Games. Bruce is Level 1 certified and loves teaching all aspects of CrossFit. “Since starting crossfit I have never been in better shape or felt better physically”. It is the only sport that anyone can participate in and compete in at ANY age.