Rising February Athlete of the Month: Kelly King

Congratulations to Rising’s February Athlete of the Month, Kelly King! Kelly is fresh off a first place finish as a member of team Green at the Rising Games. She is also one of the most positive, supportive athletes in the gym, so now it is her turn to feel the love and support that she doles out to others on a daily basis!   Get to know a little bit more about her journey by checking out her answers below.  

Date you first started CrossFit: Rising Foundations, November 2013

Day Job: Homeschool mom

Athletic Background: Uhhh, none. Never played a sport in my life. Ever. I worked out in college and then took fourteen years off. Great plan.

What made you decide to start CrossFit?: I was “voluntold” by my husband. Seriously how it went down. Then, the week before I started foundations, I saw my “mom arms” in a picture, and I was ready to take the leap.

Favorite CrossFit movement: Pretty much anything without “accessories” – air squats, sit-ups, lunges, deck squats. Even pull-ups are growing on me.

Least Favorite CrossFit movement: Double Unders! Cause when you miss, it hurts! I laugh at myself a lot!!! Keeps me from saying bad words.

Favorite thing about CrossFit: Honestly, the people!!! I couldn’t even lift the woman’s bar the first night – true story, but everyone was so encouraging and welcoming that I persevered. I also love that you can start at ANY level and still participate with the group!

What comes easily to you in CrossFit?:  Sit-ups and…. No, just sit-ups.

What is your biggest challenge in CrossFit?: The will to keep pushing myself and not become complacent with my achievements thus far. And not to compare myself with others. I’m on my own journey. Oh, I can pick up the bar now 😉