Rising March Athlete of the Month: Daniel Chilton

Congrats are in order for Rising’s March Athlete of the Month, Daniel Chilton!  A regular in our 5:30 am WOD classes and early outdoor speed and conditioning sessions, I knew I liked this guy when he smashed Dave in an endurance running workout….like, I am pretty sure I saw tears….but I digress.  Please check out Daniel’s story below and congratulate when you see him at the gym!

Date you started CrossFit: June 2015

Day Job: Realtor with Keller Williams

Athletic Background: Grew up playing soccer, cross country, and track.  (Mainly a running background)

What made you decide to start CrossFit? I was bored with the gym and looking for something with more motivation. I was looking to gain more weight and muscle and my regular routine at the gym was not cutting it.

Favorite CrossFit movement: Clean and Jerk, Push Jerk, and starting to like Split Jerk!

Least Favorite CrossFit movement: Wall balls and Double-unders

What do you love most about CrossFit? The people and the motivation.  We are always getting better!

What comes easily to you in CrossFit?  Anything running related.

What is your biggest challenge in CrossFit?  Understanding some of the more difficult movements.  At times they have proven frustrating and painful.