September Athlete of the Month: Melissa Morales

Congratulations to Rising’s September Athlete of the Month, Melissa Morales.  Melissa has quietly and consistently been putting in the work day after day and it shows.  Whether she is flying around on the pull-up bar with ease or working diligently to strengthen her legs on a thruster, the effort and determination she brings to everything she does is remarkable.  Get to know her a bit better by checking out her answers below!

Date you started CrossFit: July 2013

 Day Job: SAHM….an acronym for chauffeur…and maid.
Athletic Background: I was a professional quitter at every sport I wasn’t the best at, which meant I quit every sport I ever tried. The longest I stuck with a sport was swim team, until CrossFit.
What made you decide to start CrossFit?I was getting really bored with just going to the gym. I passed by the Crossfit room at the YMCA every day, and I was really intrigued. Plus, someone promised I’d have abs like Michelle (still waiting on that to happen 😉).
Favorite CrossFit movement: Snatch and Overhead Squats
Least favorite CrossFit movement:Thrusters…with Squat Cleans and Front Squats coming in a close second.
What do you love most about CrossFit? Hands down, my favorite thing about CrossFit is the community. I have met some of the most wonderful people.
What comes easily to you in CrossFit? Body weight movements come easiest to me.
What is your biggest challenge with CrossFit? Cat back…it’s gotten better, but my back will round like it’s going to fold in half. My squat cleans and front squats get pretty ugly.