April Athletes of the Month: Steven and Kailey Zahurones

Congratulations are in order for not one, but two athletes as we celebrate Steven and Kailey Zahurones as Rising’s April Athletes of the Month! They have been consistent attenders of our evening classes since September of last year and have made some amazing progress.  Get to know them a bit better by checking out their story below.

Date you started crossfit:

Both: September 2017

Day job:
Steven: Digital Marketing ManagerKailey: Insurance Adjuster

Athletic/fitness background:

Steven: I played hockey in high school, and I have been into various different types of training throughout the years. I’ve gone through cycles focused on bodybuilding, powerlifting, racing, and endurance.

Kailey:  I grew up dancing (ballet, jazz, tap, modern) and earned a minor in dance in college.  I still find dance classes in the local area, and I enjoy Pilates and yoga in my free time.

What made you decide to start CrossFit?  

Steven: I was looking for something that would combine everything I loved about fitness. I would always get bored with my other training methods. I also wanted an element of competition on a daily basis. And, I can’t leave out, we wanted something we could do together as a couple.

Kailey:  Steven and I had previously joined a UFC gym nearby so we could workout together, but then it closed. We realized Rising was nearby so we thought we would try CrossFit!

Something that we don’t know about you is…:

Steven: I used to be a professional wrestler. WWE style, but I only did it for local independents in the Wisconsin region. Jon “The Franchise” Stevens.

Kailey:  I’m a leap year baby! I will be forever young because my birthday is every four years.

Favorite quote:

Steven: “I’m going to have hamburger helper and wine coolers” – Dan Garten on what he is having for dinner most nights

Kailey:  “Gratitude is a celebration of love, just as love is the lived, ‘Yes,’ of joyful mutual belonging. Gratitude celebrates life with the joyful ‘Yes,’ and every knot of the great network in which everything is connected to everything.” ~ David Steindl-Rast

Hobbies/interests outside the gym:

Steven: Video games, comics, manga, playing with my dog.

Kailey:   If I’m not at CrossFit, I may be in a yoga or Pilates class. I also enjoy walking my dog Yugi and playing disc golf with Steven.

Favorite CrossFit movement:

Steven: Burpee.

Kailey: Burpee.

Least favorite CrossFit movement:

Steven: Med ball cleans.
Kailey:  Med ball cleans. Answers not coordinated. 😉

What do you love most about CrossFit?

Steven: The community and competitive feeling.

Kailey:   I love the community and the coaching staff.  Everyone truly cares about each other doing the best of their ability. I enjoy how each workout can be scaled to the individual and there is always opportunity to grow.  It’s the teamwork and comradery that keeps me coming back.

What is your biggest challenge with CrossFit?

Steven: Getting sweat in my eyes.

Kailey:  Med ball cleans.