August Athlete of the Month: Daniel Lindberg

Congratulations to Rising’s August Athlete of the Month, Dan Lindberg.  A Rising member since the day we opened our doors, you can’t possibly be in a class with Dan and not notice him. Whether you hear his calorie counting watch beeping as the morning  coaches use him as their lab rat to determine what is in fact the most effective way to burn calories in an hour or his trademark choo choo train grunt as he sprints by you on a run, Mr. Lindberg is a hard guy to miss and we are certainly proud to call him one of our own.  Get to know his story a little bit better by checking out his answers below.

Date you started crossfit: I was in the first ever foundations class at Rising Crossfit (Fall 2013).

Day job: Owner of Defender RMI – Commercial Insurance agency focusing on Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Athletic background: HS Football, indoor and outdoor track and I taught martial arts for many years.

What made you decide to start crossfit? I took athletic conditioning for several years at the YMCA and Michelle was by far my favorite coach. I kept noticing a group of people attending Michelle’s class that just seemed stronger, faster and had a lot of fun together and they were all from the Crossfit program. When Michelle opened Rising I made the decision to follow and see what it was all about. Of course I loved it!

Favorite crossfit movement: Power cleans, wall balls and SHORT sprints.

Least favorite crossfit movement: Overhead squats, snatch, pull ups…. pretty much anything over head or “Gymnastics”…all very much kick my ass!

What do you love most about crossfit? I hate to sound like a broken record but again it’s the people that keep me coming back. There is something honest and humbling about sweating and throwing down a hard workout each day with these folks. Crossfit has really opened the door to a community of great hardworking people that I’m proud to call my friends.

What comes easily to you in crossfit?  The mindset… I like pushing it and giving my all. Everything else (like actually doing the movements), I have to fight for tooth and nail. Hahaha

 What is your biggest challenge with crossfit? Other than eating right and loving beer too much? I have a heart condition and my doctor gave me a good analogy….you might feel and think you are a sports car with a V8 engine, but you are really just driving around in a 4 banger. In my mind I feel like I can run a little faster, row a little longer or lift a little heavier but in reality my body has a different plan. My biggest challenge is not pushing myself physically more than my heart can handle.