May Co-Athletes of the Month: Daniel and Sarah Loyola

Congratulations are in order for our May co-athletes of the month, Daniel and Sarah Loyola.  Daniel and Sarah have been an awesome part of our Rising family for several years.  Recently, Sarah received an amazing job offer to be the director of educational technology at a school in Raleigh, NC.  They will be moving at the end of the month and so we thought it would be appropriate to honor them both with Rising AOM accolades.  Daniel and Sarah, we wish you nothing but health and happiness as you start your new adventure in Raleigh.   

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April Athlete of the Month: Amber Khoury-Blanchette

Congratulations to Rising’s April Athlete of the Month, Amber Khoury-Blanchette! This little dynamo has been a Rising member for less than a year but she has made her presence known in a big way.  You can usually find Amber crushing it in the back left corner of the gym most every day of the week.  Take some time to read her responses below to get to know her story a little bit better.  

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Rising March Athlete of the Month: Daniel Chilton

Congrats are in order for Rising’s March Athlete of the Month, Daniel Chilton!  A regular in our 5:30 am WOD classes and early outdoor speed and conditioning sessions, I knew I liked this guy when he smashed Dave in an endurance running workout….like, I am pretty sure I saw tears….but I digress.  Please check out Daniel’s story below and congratulate when you see him at the gym!

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February Athlete of the Month: Gareth Gerrish

Congratulations are in order for Gareth Gerrish, Rising’s February athlete of the month!  A regular with the 5:30 pm crew (bless his heart), Gareth began his CrossFit career at Rising almost three years ago and has been consistently improving ever since.  Get to know a little bit more about his story by checking out his answers below.

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January Athlete of the Month: Kitt Squires

Congratulations are in order for Rising’s first athlete of the month for 2017, Kitt Squires!  Kitt has been very consistent with her attendance over the past few months and you can really see significant improvement in her strength and technique.  Get to know a little bit more about her story by checking out her answers below.  

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November Athlete of the Month: Stephanie Richards

Congratulations to Rising’s November athlete of the month, Stephanie Richards!   We all know that CrossFit is not a magic pill and that everyone has to make the decision, each and every day, to show up and get after it.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, Stephanie continues to be a perfect example of consistency, dedication, and good old fashioned work ethic and we are so proud to call her a Rising athlete.  Get to know her a little better by checking out her answers below.

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October Athlete of the Month: Tripp Cauthen

    Congratulations to Rising’s October Athlete of the Month, Tripp Cauthen!  Tripp is truly one of the most genuinely nice human beings you will ever meet.  He is an encourager to all who step in the gym and Rising is proud to call him one of our own.  My favorite Tripp story occurred shortly after he had a minor surgery.  He was not able to exercise for a week or so, but came into the gym and said, “I am here just so I can breathe the Rising air.”  We sure hope you keep “suiting up and showing up” for a long time to come Tripp….you are one of a kind.  Get to know Tripp a bit more by checking out his answers below.
     1) Date you started CrossFit: April 2012
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September Athlete of the Month: Melissa Morales

Congratulations to Rising’s September Athlete of the Month, Melissa Morales.  Melissa has quietly and consistently been putting in the work day after day and it shows.  Whether she is flying around on the pull-up bar with ease or working diligently to strengthen her legs on a thruster, the effort and determination she brings to everything she does is remarkable.  Get to know her a bit better by checking out her answers below!

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August Athlete of the Month: Greg Roach

Congratulations to Rising’s August Athlete of the Month, Greg Roach.  A Rising regular for a little over a year, Greg is in the gym working hard 5-6 days a week and his persistence and work ethic are certainly starting to pay off!  Get to know him a little bit more by checking out his responses below.  Congrats again Greg!

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Rising July Athlete of the Month: Jake Fehling

Congratulations to Rising’s July athlete of the month, Jake Fehling!  He is a really shy guy and just starting to come out of his shell….so if you see him in the gym…tall guy in the back, USA baseball issued gear, crazy socks, lots of hair….go introduce yourself!  But seriously, all jokes aside, at the beginning of the year, Jake committed himself to working out regularly and eating better….after just a few months, you can definitely see the results and we are really proud of him.  Get to know him a bit better by checking out his answers below.
Date you started crossfit: First off…this is the greatest moment of my life.  Athlete of the Month?!  AOM?!?  I haven’t been this overcome by emotion since last Wednesday when Cal kicked me in the groin. I did Foundations in the fall of 2014, but I didn’t really dive in until January of this year.  I now own Metcons and a Qalo ring, and I drink protein.  What in God’s name is happening to me?
Day job: Executive search consultant, or, as everyone at Rising believes, a blogger.
Athletic background: High school multi-sport stud, turned UNC Ultimate player (I will slap anyone who calls it Frisbee), turned old guy basketball wash-up, turned a homeless man’s version of a terrible CrossFitter.
What made you decide to start crossfit?  As I tell people, imagine living down the street from Michael Jordan.  Imagine he comes down the street and offers to teach you how to play basketball.  Now imagine that person is Michelle Crawford.  And the sport is Crossfit.  And she has a knife.
Favorite crossfit movement:  What’s a CrossFit movement?  I guess it would have to be running, which is probably a lame answer here.  Side note: I’m not good at running.
Least favorite crossfit movement: See: Movements, All.
What do you love most about crossfit? Saturday AM workouts with my wife Page.  I may also have a mancrush on Cam Lawler.
What comes easily to you in crossfit?  Talking.  I am RX+ at delaying the start of workouts.  I also just used RX+ in a sentence.  Bro Level 10 Unlocked.
What is your biggest challenge with crossfit?  Pushups, pullups, burpees.  I am not a small human being, nor am I flexible…or strong.  Anything that involves me having to elevate, swing, kip, butterfly, lower, or in general, move my body weight at all is a serious problem, and in many cases, a non-starter altogether.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go blog about this and pray that Breeze shares it.



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