February Athlete of the Month: Steph Leigh

Congratulations to Rising’s February Athlete of the Month, Steph Leigh!  She  impressed as a member of the second place team at the Rising Games and she pretty much has been killing it at the gym all month long.  Get to know her better by checking out her story below!


Date you started Crossfit: January ’17

Day job: regional office manager

Athletic/fitness background: cheerleader 12 years

What made you decide to start CrossFit? Something to replace cheerleading and being competitive.

Something that we don’t know about you is…: I want to open my own clothing business

Favorite quote: Do or do not, there is no try.

Hobbies/interests outside the gym: monogramming 🙂

Favorite CrossFit movement:  power cleans

Least favorite CrossFit movement: SDLHP

What do you love most about CrossFit?  The intensity and different variations.

What is your biggest challenge with Crossfit? My biggest challenge would be running and gymnastics.