Happy 2nd Birthday Rising CrossFit

This Thursday, October 1, Rising CrossFit will celebrate it’s 2nd birthday.  While reflecting upon the past two years, I dug through some of my written goals and plans penned during the months preceding Rising’s grand opening.  As some of you know, I am a wannabe writer (read: grammar freak), and I tend to write as I tend to live….emotionally and with a flair for the dramatic every once in a while ;). Preparing to launch Rising proved to be no exception as I am still finding scraps of paper throughout my house with nuggets of inspiration, motivation, and incentive.

One of my most treasured scraps of paper contains notes from an interview I read about the lyrics of the Bruce Springsteen song, “The Rising”, which of course inspired our name.  This one made it to our website and I’ve taken the liberty to cut and paste a portion of it for you below:


In an interview by Ted Koppel of “Nightline”, Springsteen explains that the refrain, “Come on up for the rising,” suggests, as does much else in the song, new life and resurrection amidst a community of support.


After reading that interview, I wrote down the following goal for what I wanted Rising CrossFit to become. 


Rebirth. Renewal. Community. Rising was built for everyone. It was built to be a place where people can walk in broken; physically, mentally, or spiritually, and walk out restored. It is a place where strangers will become a community and shortly after will become a family.


Two years later, I am so grateful to all of you, my Rising family, for forming, building, and nurturing,  in every conceivable way, a community that does exactly what it was supposed to do.  People walk in the door for the first time looking for a good workout.  But they come in unsure of this place….unaware of what they can physically accomplish…..and unsuspecting of the family they will gain.


This type of community does not form because of nice equipment, or solid coaching, or effective programming.  It forms because of the people who comprise it.  While I am daily impressed by your ability to lift weights and learn new skills and endure challenging WODs, what is most impressive has been how you have all endeavored to love and support one another from day one.


Perhaps one of the best examples of this member commitment to one another was the formulation of the Rise Up Give Back (RUGB) foundation 18 months ago.  In a nutshell, a few committed Rising members came to me and said they were interested in forming a scholarship committee to assist Rising athletes who were having some difficulty paying membership dues because of unforeseen circumstances.  They said they valued their Rising experience so greatly that they wanted to provide a way for others to share in the same experience who might not otherwise be able to due to financial issues.


From there, the idea grew from helping within Rising’s walls, to helping outside the walls and extending a hand into the greater Charlotte Community by encouraging community outreach and fundraising for local charities.


Thus, while the RUGB foundation is governed independently of the Rising ownership and coaching staff, it is a perfect embodiment of the original vision.


To bring this vision full circle, I would like to combine our two year celebration with our 2nd Annual Rise Up Give Back Golf Tournament.  


Last week you received an email with a flyer attached for the 2015 2nd Annual Rise Up Give Back Golf Tournament.  We have a limit to this year’s attendance and spots are filling up quickly.  We’ve attached the registration link below.  As a reminder, you can register as a solo player and be matched up for this traditional scramble style tournament or you can sign up with your own foursome.


Don’t play Golf? No problem. Sign up instead for the dinner and drinks after party to be a part of the celebration.


Last year the money raised went to the Monroe Pregnancy Crisis Center )with a small percentage was reserved for the Rise Up Give Back Foundation’s Short Term Scholarship Bridge Program).  This program has been used numerous times this past year to help support our current members who may be going through life circumstances that cause their Rising membership to simply be out of reach temporarily.


This year, a large percentage of the money raised will go to the Charlotte Rescue Mission (CRM) . (Some will again be set aside to aide our current membership as needed through 2015-2016.) We are excited about Rising’s new partnership with CRM and specifically a potential consulting and volunteer long term opportunity we are working on with them as they are attempting to outfit a new gym space for their residents. We have toured the space and have begun offering our assistance with regard to equipment ordering, layout, programming and coaching. CRM leaders are endeavoring to provide their residents a holistic approach toward reclaiming their health and independence and we are honored to offer our help along the way.


None of this would be possible without your generosity, spirit and willingness to Rise Up!!  Spots are filling quickly so don’t waste another minute. Lock yours in and be a part of an inspiring day.




Thank you again for who you are and who you have helped Rising become.


Rise Up,


Michelle Crawford