January Athlete of the Month: Crystal Phifer

Congratulations are in order for Rising’s January Athlete of the Month, Crystal Phifer!  Crystal has been consistently crossfitting, usually beside her bestie Mo Robinson, since Rising had its humble beginnings in a converted preschool classroom at the local YMCA way back in 2010.  She is convincing evidence that the process works…..that if you make a commitment to show up and work hard, you will see lasting results.  In the past few months, Crystal has recorded several new PRs and we are proud to celebrate her!  Check out her story below!

Date you started crossfit: 

Back when we worked out beside child watch and got hit in the head with balls during class.  Probably about 7-8 years ago.

Day job:

Compliance Officer for Admiral Home Mortgage

Athletic/fitness background:

Nothing until I decided to do crossfit.

What made you decide to start CrossFit?

I was tired of running and wanted something different.  Never lifted weights before so this was all new for me.

Something that we don’t know about you is…:  

I am a neat freak.  I drive my family crazy

Favorite quote: 

Never give up

Hobbies/interests outside the gym:

Just put me on a warm beach somewhere.

Favorite CrossFit movement:

Love Power Cleans

Least favorite CrossFit movement: 

Snatches, Snatches…..did I say snatches!

What do you love most about CrossFit? 

You will always get a great workout.  Whatever my mood is when I walk in the door I always feel better when I leave.  It also helps that the noon crew always makes me laugh.

What is your biggest challenge with CrossFit?

Trying to keep up with all the amazing athletes at Rising.