January Athlete of the Month: Denise Kiker

Congratulations to Rising’s January Athlete of the Month, Denise Kiker!  If you do not yet know Denise, you need to pop in to an 8:30 or 9:30 am class and meet her….she is one of the most genuine, hard-working, and dedicated athletes in the gym and we are proud to honor her with this month’s AOM award.  Check out a little bit of her story below!

Date you started crossfit: October 2015

Day job: mom to Caitlyn (16) and Ashley (13)

Athletic background: I have played sports my entire life. Volleyball, swimming and tennis were my favorites. I have run a ½ and full marathon.

What made you decide to start crossfit? My husband Steve really encouraged me to try it. I said no for almost 2 years, and made fun of his obsession with crossfit. Now, we compare WODs, and sometimes workout together, which is so much fun. Also, I have to thank Mo who met me at Rising one day, and said I could do this!

Favorite crossfit movement: back squat

Least favorite crossfit movement: SNATCH!!!

What do you love most about crossfit? I love the variety of workouts, and how it challenges me in every way! I feel strong. I feel proud. I walk out with a smile on my face! It’s the best feeling. What I truly love is Rising, the coaches, and the friends I have met there. I am so grateful!:)

 What comes easily to you in crossfit?  HAHA, nothing really, but everyday I improve in some small way.

What is your biggest challenge with crossfit? Like anything there are days that I walk out on cloud nine because I met a personal goal, or simply finished the workout that day, that I knew was going to kill me. When I get frustrated (snatches), there are so many people to encourage, and offer suggestions to help me succeed. I am not a natural at this sport, but I love it! I just have to remind myself to be patient, practice, and it will eventually click! I wish I started crossfit 10 years ago! Better knees back then!!:)