January Athlete of the Month: Mo Robinson

Congratulations to Mo Robinson, Rising’s January athlete of the month!  One of the most kind, lovable people you will ever meet, “Slo-Mo” has been reluctantly cross fitting for four years….and while she cites “complaining” as the activity that comes most easily to her in a workout….don’t let her self-deprecating humor fool you….she is one hard-working impressive force to be reckoned with!  Get to know her a little better by checking out her story below!

Date you started crossfit:I started crossfit about 6 months after Michelle brought the program to the Ballantyne Y, so a little over 4 years.

Day job: I help my husband deliver catering for the restaurant Trio.

Athletic background: I have spent the last 10 years doing whatever Michelle Crawford tells me to do. 😉

What made you decide to start crossfit? Like I said above, I had been a disciple of Michelle’s for many years so when she made the move into crossfit, it seemed the natural choice for me. Plus, I thought it was cool!

Favorite crossfit movement: Believe it or not, I really like burpees! They are the perfect, full body exercise that you can do anywhere. Also, I like any lift where I am throwing weight over my head, such as push press, shoulder to overhead, clean and jerk. They make me feel like SuperWoman!

Least favorite crossfit movement: Front and back squats or any lift where I have to get up from a deep squat. So pretty much most of them. haha. It takes me FOREVER to get back up, hence the nickname Slo Mo.

What do you love most about crossfit? Although I don’t express it very positively all the time, I love Crossfit! I love to hear Borelli say “going in 10!” The adrenaline kicks in and there is no quitting! You end up on the floor, wiped out and sweaty after giving 100% effort to something that is so tough! It’s an addicting sense of accomplishment! And of course the feeling of family at Rising is so special. The superficial things in life such as where you live or where you work are not important. Everyone there supports and encourages each other at all levels, that’s what I love the most!

 What comes easily to you in crossfit?  Complaining!

What is your biggest challenge with crossfit? My biggest challenge is not giving myself enough credit for what I can do but beating myself up for what I can’t do. Who has been doing crossfit for 4 years and can’t string together her pullups? Me!! And I still avoid partner wods because I feel inferior, don’t want to hold anyone up. I know Michelle would tell me to “suck it up buttercup” so I will and I’ll keep at it cause she’s the one who got me into this mess!