July Athlete of the Month: Jason Gulak

Congratulations to Rising’s July athlete of the month, Jason Gulak!  Jason started his Crossfit career in April of this year. His consistency and effort caught the attention of the coaching staff and we are excited to honor him this month.  Get to know him a little bit better by checking out his story below!

Date you started crossfit: 4-10-18

Day job: IT Auditor at XPO Logistics

Athletic/fitness background:  Played soccer and basketball in high school.  Just intramural sports in college.   Became really lazy after college and ate a lot of cheese fries which were delicious.    Did a little p90x here and there over the last few years

What made you decide to start CrossFit?  I was put on blood pressure meds a few years ago but when I started to get winded playing with the kids I said enough is enough.  I wanted to be someone that they could look up to and be proud of…and our 10 year anniversary is Sept 2018 and I promised my wife I would have abs for our trip!

Something that we don’t know about you is…: I have never been skiing or snowboarding

Favorite quote: “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten” – Tony Robbins and Henry Ford too I think

Hobbies/interests outside the gym: I have a bookkeeping business on the side, so anyone out there who wants a complimentary bookkeeping review give me a shout!  My wife and I also invest in real estate and I could talk real estate all day.

Favorite CrossFit movement:  Thrusters (editor’s note:  smart guy)

Least favorite CrossFit movement:  Overhead squat (editor’s note: see above)

What do you love most about CrossFit?  I am in a great mood after the workouts and way more energized with my family.  And the people!  Everyone is so supportive and happy, especially when I am dead on the floor for 10 minutes after the workouts 😊

What is your biggest challenge with Crossfit?  Other than just generally getting crushed in the workouts (I almost barfed on Michelle one day, sorry Michelle), I would say the food aspect.  I should probably join sugarhaulics anonymous.