May Athlete of the Month: Bronwynne Henry

Congratulations to Rising’s May athlete of the month, Bronnie Henry!  Bronnie looks like a super hero and is about one of the friendliest, nicest people you will ever meet.  Her willingness to try just about anything and her enthusiasm for life is contagious and we are so glad she is part of our Rising family!  Get to know her story a little bit better by checking out her answers below.

Date you started Crossfit: November 2013, I was a member of the second Foundations session at Rising.

Day job: Business Officer

Athletic background: I played all kinds of high school sports and I have just tried to stay active while getting older.

What made you decide to start Crossfit? I was searching for a fitness program that would push me and also had enough variety to stay interesting month after month. One of the floor trainers at the YMCA suggested I give it a try. (Kudos to Ericka and Jimmy Morse who were the first Crossfitters I met – they told me about Rising!)

Favorite crossfit movement: Pull ups and HSPU

Least favorite crossfit movement: Snatch

What do you love most about Crossfit? That there is something for everyone- skills at which we are naturally good and those at which we have to work.

What comes easily to you in crossfit?  Anything on the rig

What is your biggest challenge with crossfit? Oly lifting. I feel like a long limbed giraffe trying to get under the bar.