May Athletes of the Month: Ruthie Borrelli and Cam Green

Congratulations to our co-May athletes of the month, Ruthie Borrelli and Cameron Green….These two mamas-to-be, Ruthie for the first time and Cam for the third time, have been crossfitting consistently throughout their pregnancies.  They are both due on the same exact day….in just  a few short weeks!  It has been inspirational to coach them through this time in their lives and to see what their bodies are capable of.  Get to know each of them a little bit more by checking out their stories below.

Ruthie Borrelli:

Date you started crossfit: October 2013

 Day job: Social Media Coordinator/Student

 Athletic background:  Cross country and tennis in high school. Senior year my tennis team won the state championship but I lost my racquet half way through the season. So, I would show up to practice and go on a “warm-up run,” and just not come back. I also used to practice yoga a few times a week, and am a certified yoga instructor, although I haven’t been teaching recently.

 What made you decide to start crossfit?  Aaron Borrelli, my husband, told me I didn’t have a choice.

 Favorite crossfit movement:  Farmers’ carries

 Least favorite crossfit movement: While pregnant – T2B or pull ups, when I’m not pregnant – sumo deadlift high pulls

 What do you love most about crossfit? I love how cross fit has made me mentally tougher! Let’s face it, you need to be mentally tough to be married to a Borrelli. I also love how crossfit has helped me appreciate my body for what it can do, not just how it looks. Lastly, I love the people and the coaches.

 What comes easily to you in crossfit?  Speaking loudly while a coach is trying to instruct. Also, not taking it too seriously.

 What is your biggest challenge with crossfit?  Getting there on time!