Emily "Breeze" Ross

Mobility Expert

Year you started Crossfit: 2011
Favorite named wod: I’m all legs so I love Nancy – running and light overhead squats – perfect combo.
Least favorite named wod: Grace! I mean 95lbs is close to my body weight.
Favorite thing about Crossfit: The friends I have made are by far my favorite thing about Crossfit! I also love how each day brings variety to my workouts.
Least favorite thing about Crossfit: I still get my butt kicked each day ( inside I truly love this ).
Favorite food: Let’s just say my favorite food group is DESSERTS! I am a Cookie Monster.
If I was an animal, I would be a: Lioness
Nickname: Breezy but it’s my REAL MIDDLE NAME- so anybody can call me Breeze.


A certified and licensed Bodywork and Massage Therapist, Breezeā€™s love of running, yoga, and Crossfit led to an interest in Thai Yoga Bodywork. She has completed numerous training sessions in Thai Bodywork and has been owner and operator of Clear Thai Yoga Bodywork in Charlotte, NC since 2009. In need of room for expansion, she opened Moga Charlotte which is located in the heart of Southend Charlotte in 2012. Moga Charlotte focuses on a performance based yoga and mobility working with athletes to enhance flexibility, shape lean muscle and sharpen mental focus.

In addition to her impressive yoga/mobility/massage credentials, Breeze is quite an athlete as well! She played point guard on the basketball team and ran the 5K, 800, and mile for the track team at Winthrop University.


A CrossFit certified Yoga and Mobility expert, in 2012, Breeze was selected to the TOP 30 UNDER 30 for Charlotte, North Carolina.