April Athlete of the Month: Stefan Nemenz

Congratulations to Rising’s April Athlete of the Month, Stefan Nemenz.  A brave man, Stefan can regularly be found working out in the 9:30 class that is known at times for its, let’s say…. “excess estrogen levels”.  He has learned to keep his head down and even tries on occasion to recruit some of his male friends to help balance out the class.  Despite having some shoulder problems, Stefan comes in every day ready to work hard and his effort has certainly been paying off.  His wife Melissa is currently kicking butt and taking names in our May foundations class and we are excited to have both of them as part of our growing Rising family.  Take some time to get to know Stefan better by checking out his answers below.  

Date you started crossfit: 2009-2011 at Crossfit Eternal then started Dec 2015 at Rising. 

Day job: Real Estate Sales for Copper Builders. I also have a residential real estate management company.

 Athletic background: I played Football and Basketball in High School and briefly played basketball in college.

 What made you decide to start crossfit? I wanted to challenge myself both mentally and physically (The truth is I saw Dave Borrelli working out at Crossfit Eternal and he inspired me). (Editor’s note….this sentence was painful to transcribe)….;)

 Favorite crossfit movement:  prone starfish (and deadlifts)

 Least favorite crossfit movement: THRUSTERS (Editor’s second note…so was this one….;)

 What do you love most about crossfit?  The community and Nils’ pretty face

 What comes easily to you in crossfit?  I’m pretty sure just deadlifts

 What is your biggest challenge with crossfit?  Definitely flexibility